About us

About Us

RS Lubricant Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian company that specializes in the production and distribution of high-quality lubricants and related products. The company was established in 2018 and has since grown to become one of the leading lubricant manufacturers in Malaysia. The company offers a wide range of lubricants for various industries, including automotive, industrial, marine, and motorcycle. Their products are formulated using advanced technology and high-quality base oils and additives to ensure maximum performance and protection. RS Lubricant Sdn Bhd also provides customized lubrication solutions to meet the specific needs of their clients. They have a team of experienced engineers who work closely with customers to develop tailored lubricants that are optimized for their particular applications.

In addition to lubricants, the company also offers other products such as grease, hydraulic oil, gear oil, and brake fluid. They have a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that is equipped with modern machinery and equipment to ensure consistent quality and efficient production.

RS Lubricant Sdn Bhd is committed to delivering excellent customer service and support. They have a dedicated team of professionals who provide technical assistance and advice to clients, ensuring that their lubrication needs are met effectively and efficiently. Overall, RS Lubricant Sdn Bhd is a reliable and trusted.


To become a leading and trusted provider of high-quality lubricants and related services in Malaysia and the ASEAN region.


1. To consistently deliver high-quality lubricants and related services that exceed customers’ expectations.
2. To continuously innovate and improve our products and services to stay ahead of the competition.
3. To build long-term relationships with our customers, suppliers, employees, and other stakeholders based on mutual trust and respect.
4. To operate with integrity, professionalism, and social responsibility in all our business activities.
5. To provide a safe and healthy working environment for our employees and promote their personal and professional growth.
6. To achieve sustainable growth and profitability for the benefit of our shareholders, employees, and society as a whole.